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If we have the Retro Lacner?


Shouldn't we get the Vintage Hammerburst?




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I asked the same thing in another thread.  I'll see if I can find it



The Hammerburst is a locust weapon. The Retro lancer was used before the Locust but was change because the blade of the retro would break when used against the Locust (obviously not a problem in the game but it was in the books.), so Adam Fenix helped design a new chainsaw Lancer.  There is no back story on Locust before E-Day yet, so a Vintage Hammerburst would be a problem you would need to take up with Queen Myra.  [**Spoiler***] She might not be available anymore due to a server stomach  problem.  


Hammerburst I (GoW 1)

The Hammerburst Assault Rifle is the early Locust standard-issue assault rifle featured in Gears of War . Regarded as the Locust counterpart to the COG Lancer Assault Rifle, the Hammerburst has a 6-round burst fire mode and a 78-round magazine. Currently, the Hammerburst has largely been replaced by the new Hammerburst model, the Hammerburst II.

Prior to the Hammerburst II, the Hammerburst was used extensively by the Locust. Drones were commonly deployed with the Hammerburst into battle. Ironically, Gears frequently use it due to its great accuracy and damage, an example being Damon Baird. The one drawback on this brutal beast of a gun is the lack of a CQC melee weapon.

Although officially replaced with the Hammerburst II in Gears of War 2



Hammerburst II (GoW 2 and 3)

The Hammerburst II was the Locust standard-issue high-powered battle rifle. Regarded as the Locust counterpart to the COG Lancer Assault Rifle, the Hammerburst II possesses a semi-automatic fire mode and a 17-round (15 AR) magazine capacity. Currently, the Hammerburst II has largely replaced the previous model, the Hammerburst Assault Rifle.

The Hammerburst II is a result of a number of improvements made on the Hammerburst Assault Rifle, such as the addition of an extensive recoil control system, a longer barrel with a larger bore for higher caliber bullets, a completely reworked action for receiving and ejecting cartridges, and a rudimentary iron sight on top of the receiver.

The Locust use the Hammerburst II extensively. Although lower-ranked soldiers such as Drones are often equipped with the Hammerburst II, higher-ranked Locust such as Theron Guards and Palace Guards also use the Hammerburst II.


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