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My first beta was the last one and many of you have been at it longer so I have question of those with more experience both in ESO and in MMOs in general. My preferred play style in any Elder Scrolls is stealthy whether an archer or a mage I always play a female character who is stealthy. I wonder if stealth is actually viable in an MMO world? With so many players running in like a bull in a china shop slashing and whacking everything in sight is it even possible to be sneaky whether as a solo or in a small group?

I also wonder if archery is useful in dungeons? I didn't go into that many but they seemed to be constrained and crowded which makes archery less efficient than in a more open area or out in the world. What do you archers do? Do you carry a blade or resort to magic for close quarters? I'm more than a little concerned about how the presence of other players will impact my game and thus my enjoyment of the experience. As may be obvious, I'm a solo console player and didn't even like companions in Skyrim; they got in the way more often than not.


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I played a Rogue in World of Warcraft and they were much more stealthy then any characters in Elder Scrolls and were quite difficult to play well. Good Rogues were always welcome in any group though and are a lot of fun to play. Definitely stealth is a big part of mmos it's just there usually are a lot of players who like the tank and bash type playstyle of heavy armour and shields. Just take advantage of them if they are around because they aren't always available.

I also had a high level Hunter in World of Warcraft as well and they used guns and bows and were excellent ranged DPS. I'm not sure how bows work out in ESO but I know Angelus was trying them out so he would probably know more about them in this game then me.

I'll try to give you some of it. What I noticed was that they are in their own right sometimes effective. My cover fire was doing quite a bit of damage from my stealthy positions. As I did notice though, every shot uses some "Stamina" so I was always coming up short with that. All of my archery perks worked in the caves with a little finesse. Even the fast draw shots had some effect. You can get 2 different damage from your bow if you short draw or long draw. Obviously short draw is faster shots but less damage while long draw did more damage. After level 15 when I could carry two sets of weapons it was much better. I was just getting used to it when we ran out of time. My bow was at level 28 and even then some of the bosses were still too strong. Nice warning system was telling me about the loss of effect for that arrow. With a little coaching I started to tank somewhat. That was where I started to switch off and on as "Stamina" dictated. A good voice for the game would be the icing on the cake if they would allow that somehow in "Group". We could better plan our assaults as sometimes my arrow shot was hindering the other members from connecting with CQC.

I'm thinking they want us to sort of stay within our boundaries while questing and exploring. The farther we go the more powerful the adversaries get. I had a few fights with level 18 NPC's and this was very difficult for me. Had to get tactical to win. I was only level 16 at the time. So I guess I'm suggesting that you keep aware of the NPC's level before attacking.

Now as far as the "Stealth" goes it was very unfamiliar for me as they had seperate skills for those effects. I tried to use all my bow skills on my quick tabs and one of my stealth skills on one of those tabs. I hope I don't confuse this any. 1 skill QT had potions, 4 of those tabs had bow skills, and the final had a stealth skill. I could cast the stealth skill to up my attack damage or to help protect my group. Our group was pretty independent so I chose to up my sneak damage instead. When I did the sneaky damage increase, it worked well enough at the lower level. There are 2 more increases for that skill. So I'm thinking it will come out at higher levels. The sneak skill for protection would make all my group invisible for 2.5 seconds if they were in the radius when casted, giving them a moment to escape. Very often I would only hit 1 of our team.

All I can say is, I'm going to give it a bit more time. It's tough to realize, they want us to play this game for a long time so a lot of what I hear folks complaining about is the lack of skill increase but at the same time they are only level 10.

Thank you. I haven't played many games that a level 10 wasn't good for anything but staying home out of trouble and learning the ropes on small nuisance animals so I can't imagine a big world game that has a lot of growing to do would allow the players to become all powerful by level 10. In fact, if that was the case I would quit or never make it to Cyrodil because I don't want to meet those people. I am trying to get my head around as much as possible so my back brain can cogitate until July. I will have internalized a lot of information by then if I have enough raw data to chew on. I really wish I had gotten into the beta earlier and/or had more time to play before release. I restarted Diablo III and if I can be comfortable during a long play session I may justify a Mac purchase otherwise, 3 months will feel very, very, very long.