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So the last madden game I bought was 09


I played the 12 demo, and was really surprised in the the changes that have been made, that is to say, it makes my version seem pretty outdated. So although I often hear that madden games don't change very much each year, in 3 apparently they do.

Problem is, I don't really want to shell out 60 dollars for the game. I can get Madden 11 on amazon used for around 10 dollars. However I've heard that buying it used cuts you off from roster updates and online play. I'm good missing the online play, im on silver now and have roomates to play with...however, if I buy 11 used will I be stuck with the old rosters from the beginning of last season (will vick be rated like 73, my steelers be less impressive etc)?

Because if I'm going to get a new madden game, I want one that at least reflects some of the bigger recent changes (vick becoming an elite qb...again. Is one of them)


Gameplay-wise, does 11 feel alot like 12? I loved the new feeling to rushing plays and the new tackling physics that were in the 12 demo, are these big new fluid gameplay changes also in 11 (as many reviews have said the 11-12 changes aren't really related to gameplay)



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Well Vick was runner up to MVP last year so that along with his stats I would say he has to be at least close to an Elite QB. For the OP, EA stopped updating Madden 11 just after last season was over. So you won't be getting any new roster updates. When I first got Madden 11 last year, Vick wasn't even in the game until an update put him in with an overall rating of about 73. Madden 11 is a good game but it will be outdated. The stats will all be off and the Madden Moments will be from two seasons ago. You won't have any of this seasons rookies. If you don't mind that stuff then I would go ahead and get 11 instead of spending $60. I feel weird when I play with old season stats and stuff so I'm going to get 12 on Tuesday.

How did one season regain Vick's elite status? But anywho, it's really your call. I'd just save some money and buy 11 but that depends on how much you'll care about ratings and roster, etc. In this new one, you can finally edit players yourself to whatever you like and they added the whole "Streak" thing that adds to players consistency. I think it is quite different gameplay wise from 11 though, the tackling system prevents a lot of stuff that irked me about 11.

Another thing to keep in mind for future reference, if any game you buy used or rent doesn't come with a code to unlock multiplayers or a feature, do what I do. I go to my local video store( ie blockbuster) and they have a game section with the actual display boxes and the games are kept elsewhere, but they don't take anything out of the display box. Help yourself to all the Homefront codes and EA passes you want lol.