A question regarding achievements in Mass Effect 1

Sorry for posting this here, but as there is now no Mass Effect forum, I have to post this here. I just restarted playing my second game of  Mass Effect (as I had to format my HDD and lost all of my game data... I had a transfer cable but was unable to backup my data on my backup console, due to that being borrowed by my cousin at the time.), and I realised I still have a few achievements left to unlock, two of which are the "Neural Shock Specialist" and "AI Hacking Specialist" achievements (I do have the "Distinguished Combat Medal" and "Medal of Valor" Achievements left to unlock, but know how to get them).

I'm pretty sure I've used both AI Hacking and Neural Shock at least 70times or so, as in my first playthrough I took Kaiden and Tali with me, for the sole purpose of trying to get those achievements, yet I don't have them unlocked. I know that I have to select those abilities for them to use, instead of them automatically using them, to go towards unlocking the achievement, and still no luck. Any advice?


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Unfortunately you've misunderstood the specifics of the achievements... You must personally use the abilities. Your Shepard's abilities, not those of your squad mates, so start an Engineer character and get to it.


Good Luck

... Ok. I feel like a Idiot now lol. I've played as all the other class EXCEPT Engineer! Well, just finished Eden Prime so no big loss to restart. Thanks for the advice The Beer Tank... now I'm off to get cracking and get those damn achievements.


Good thing I love this game :D