A question of Lag

Two questions about lag-
  1. Okay, so when I hit Back and pull up the mini-scoreboard thingy- What does the green-yellow-red bar off to the right represent. My connection, or theirs? 
  2. What would it look like if someone had a lag switch?


 I'm trying to decide whether or not to report some guys or just avoid them.  For reference, I don't have connection issues, this is while streaming Netflix on my other 360 & my Wii:



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1. Their bar = Their Connection. Your bar=Your connection.


2. Everyone is either black screen or lagging BADLY while one guy is running around playing just fine murdering EVERYONE.


Although, I could be wrong, I'm not a lag expert, though I'm sure I am. :)

The bars are appropriately positioned next to the corresponding player.


Green, yellow and red are listed from best to worst relative to the Host of the match, and it isn't your connection strength that will determine your connection in a match, for the most part, but the distance from the Host.


I don't know what it looks like to be playing when someone uses a 'lag switch'. Terms like that are given way too much importance by people who know nothing about them though, so don't worry too hard about it.

thanks guys!