A question about Strike Chains.

So, I watched this interview with 402. He goes over the Strike Chains and how they work. Skip to 2.40 and listen. Basically he says that depending on which package you choose, the streaks chain or stacks. He says that the **** Package, mainly focused on those people who go for K/D rather than objectives, will CHAIN and the Support Package, will NOT. Apparantely they both stack. So, tell me, what's the point in having the support package? Your streaks don't reset when you die with the support package, so no matter how may times I die, I still have a chance of getting the 18 point streaks. But, I can only earn them once throughout the game??

Whereas those camping with the **** package can earn a 3, 5 and a 12, and get them AGAIN?? I thought they were trying to help those who play the objective gamemodes properly. Now, this gives the people who go for K/D an even bigger incentive to play Domination or the such, because their streaks reset after you earn the last PS in your streak.


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as far as i'm aware, your facts are right, but your opinion is wrong (or as wrong as an opinion can be). you have a valid point, but the frequency of a support person hitting a 20 kill chain is much higher and almost guaranteed in longer games with many lives whereas a 20 kill chain for an assault person will be much less frequent despite the fact that they have multiple attempts at it. i think it'll balance.

If the Support package doesn't reset by death, then how would you propose that one would start over?

you don't start over. the last reward in the package is ideally achieved (if at all) toward the end of the game.

The support don't reset when you die. But if you run UAV (4 kills) Counter UAV (5kills) and lets just say sam turret (8kills) If I remember correctly it does start over. Support is geared more towards the objective game types that last longer. So If you play CTF and get 20 kills with the setup above you should get two UAV's, two counters, and 1 sam turret.

Good question about the "Support" class starting over. I am an objective player and Ill look hard into this set up. But I will add, why not use the "Assault" KSRs if you can cap flags and kill? Maybe the set up helps the team in other ways. Guess we will get more info later.

I think the Support KS begin at 5 kills and go up to 18, and their KS are totally different from the Assault class.