A proper way to back up game save?


I thought I was being clever when I saved all of my profile/DLC/etc onto a jump drive, then plugged said drive into my laptop and created an .iso image of the drive to use as a backup lest I have a FM3 profile crash. Low and behold, I did, and had to revert to my saved image. To my surprise, this actually worked, and my profile loaded to the correct spot in time. However, I see my account has now been banned from the auction house etc.

So my question is twofold, first is there a way to appeal to be unbanned, and second is there a safe way to backup a profile?


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Has Microsoft provided no means of backing up user data on the Xbox 360?  If my memory card or hard drive die, I lose all my saves?

With the new dashboard update, you should not be able to back up your saves with Microsoft's new cloud service.

forza 3 'not supported'..i had to start over :(

You can upload it to cloud but it is not supported.