A problem with this game.

Now, I will try not to rage, because it's very unbecoming. My major problem with this game is that some teams are so stacked that it makes matchups completely unfair, or even boring. Say, if I play a cup match, having to play Madrid, Barca, then Inter as Roma. Or being paired against an international team as a club team. WTF?

Now, don't get me wrong. I love Barca. But the number of people who play as Barca and Madrid make this game too absolutely annoying and worthless for me to enjoy unless I'm playing with a group of friends.

I mean, it's not as if there are other teams like Liverpool, Roma, Atletic Madrid, AC Milan, etc etc, to play as, right?


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Play Ultimate Team if you are bored of playing vs the same 11 players every match. Great fun (it usually matches you up with a similar level team) and you never play against the same lineup twice.

If your not already try using a team thats not a 5 star team, then you shouldnt see Barca, Madrid etc, as it matches the same star rating.  I quite often use a 4 or 4 and half star team and they are normally better games.

Maybe I'll do that. I'm absolutely sick of having to play against Ronaldo and Messi lovers. As good as they are, they aren't as good as the game makes them out to be, which is essentially god like. I mean, is it really fun to play as Barca time and time again?

It just poisons my view of the players. I mean I love Barca, but now I almost hate them because every moron and his mother is like "MessiMessiMessi", and there is really no team that can match them.