A problem in the game

Hi, I have just finished sequence 11, ending with the leap of faith after meeting the assassins. The game saved and cut to my guy waking up in the animus chair, but there was an inturruption and I didn't see the scene.

With the game back on, I'm in the warehouse, with no other people, and no clue what to do. Please, can anyone help? Did something glitch and I need to restart the game?

I've searched around online for walkthroughs, but none of them have info about any warehouse parts.


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I think that after the leap with Assassin's you briefly come out, but then back in right away.  Is it possible to replay the last memory and then continue on?  I have never tried to do that, but hope it is possible.  

I'm in the warehouse with access to nothing.

It probably glitched because the game was interrupted during the scene, putting me there when I shouldn't be there.

It's ok, I started a new file to get all the feathers and a couple achievements that are easier at other points.

I had this happen to me durring a differant part of the game, ... I went to DNA and (i forget how the game words it) deleated the memory, That allowed me to be able to restart from the last save.

I hope this helped. I am sorry about not getting the words exactly right, my Son is on the xbox right now, and prob will be for a few hours more, other wise i would load up my game and get the exact wording and tell you step by step what i did ... but i think what i have said will get you there...

ie: select start button from your controller, scroll down to DNA, select memory and there will be words that basicly means to deleate the current memory so you can restart from the last save point.

The only time I can think of that you land in a warehouse at any point is when Lucy wants you to activate the 4 security system buttons in it, two at ground level and two up on catwalks.

You can either try to load last memory i.e sequence before it or you could delete it and start the game again.