A New Chrono Trigger on Xbox One?

Hello everyone,
I'm new here, but I would like to talk about a game that I consider one of the best franchises now known as SquareEnix Squaresoft,
Chrono Trigger what you would find a new adventure in Microsoft's new console would be cool or a waste of time?

And one thing that I think would help the Xbox gain ground in Japan would make her equal did with Dead Rising 3, to fund the development makes the Exclusive game, because I think this would make several Japanese acquire the console and launch a Chrono Edition bundle will be even better.


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I can think of quite a few franchises that would get the Xbox some steam in Japan. The problem is whether or not people in Japan care enough to go out and buy a Xbox for them.

I really miss RPG s like that in current gen and next gen consoles. I would like also a new Chrono Cross game version.