A naive question about pre-order gears of war judgement

Hello Everyone,

I'm planning to make an pre-order of Gears of war Judgement, and i'm just wonder if the disc is region-free. Because my xbox reads the discs with PAL format, but I'm afraid it will be "blind" when read the NTSC format. When I try to make an pre-order, it always leads me to some pre-order page of retailers which may be located at US, thus high chance for NTSC disc's format, and currently i'm living in France. I don't know if I buy it, they will send me the disc with the proper format, or the wrong one. Can anybody help me with this, please?

Thank you in advance


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Is there a Game store in your country? Might have to go through them.

Yes, of course. But the price is higher than the pre-order that I've seen online. So I just want to pay cheaper a little bit

I don't think we'll find out if this game is region-free until someone gets their hands on it around release time.