A Mystery, Solved Achievement

I tried doing the "A Mystery, Solved" achievement and I got all 50 letter scraps and then i went to the ? and I killed the guy and yet the achievement still didn't pop. Does anybody know what might be going on?


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Is this Dreyfuss, the guy up near the golf course? When you get close to him with Franklin there's a cut scene and then he runs away. I don't think you actually have to kill him to pass the mission (but that's the gold medal requirement).


I just pulled out my carbine and sprayed his car down before he got too far. The cheevo popped right away for me.

the same thing happened to me... i collected all 50 letter scraps and drove to the ( green ? ) as Franklin and watched the cut-scene and he ran off to his SUV and then i shot my RPG at the SUV , it said that I completed the mission but no achievement popped up after that.... idk whats going on? what did i do wrong?  just looking for those letter scraps took me an Hour and all that hard work but no A Mystery, Solved Achievement unlocked .

I tried to kill him, but some person ran me off my bike while I was shooting and he got away, yet the achievement still popped.

maybe you guys put in cheats

That would make sense if they were unaware that cheat codes disabled achievements as it doesn't matter whether you kill him or let him go you will still get the achievement.


I would suggest reloading a previous/latest save before confronting that Dreyfuss guy and retry it in the hopes that it wasn't a little bug at the time.

I never used cheats in the game but I'm sure it was a bug