A Monument to All Your Sins: Solo ?

Do you really have to do this solo or can it be done Co-Op?

Friend me if you want to do this on Co-Op.


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'Complete all Campaign missions on Legendary Solo'?


It's a solo Achievement.

Lol, good luck with that.  Plasma Pistol/DMR combo is probably your best bet for anything involving Elites.

Yet again, the first time we see a Halo game where the Plasma Pistol doesn't feature/doesn't work, I will watch thousands of people cry about how they can't beat Legendary.


Not everyone NEEDS the RIDICULOUSLY CHEAP Plasma Pistol.

There's nothing wrong with the Plasma Pistol/DMR combo... I don't have enough respect for an AI to kill it the most honorable way. I'm just lookin' to get the mission done and move on.

Might just be an opinion of mine but too many people barely scrape through Legendary because the whole combo works.


Also, they tend to give that combo as advice. Pretty tragic and indeed quite cheap.

I hardly ever use the plasma pistol.  The campain so far has not been all that difficult as a matter of fact the only really hard section of any Halo game was the first level of Halo 1 2nd boarding bay.  I am currently 1/2 way thru Mission 7 - New Alexandria .  I just perfer Co-Op play.

I've finally figured out whats what on these bloody forums! Why oh why did they change it? If it works, don't fix it!

Anyway, back to the topic in hand, A Monument to All your Sins is a solo achievement. I believe it states this thus meaning you can only do it on your own. Not co-op.