A minecraft tournament idea.

Just as a background i was in a party a few days ago when some friends of mine who played on the PC mentioned a Hunger Games mod for the PC version and I got to thinking it was an idea to follow.  As a disclaimer, I have not read the hunger games and do not plan to, this is just my little idea that ive built on for  PVP minecraft map.

The idea itself is easy enough to follow.  The players are grouped in either teams of 2, 3, or 4 depending on however many want to play at the time and all join one of the player's map.  The map is obviously a brand new map to help everyone start even with each other.   The teams then go to opposite corners of the map, collecting resources along the way, and once in their corner begin building a base for themselves.  After a certain number of days in game have passes the teams are then allowed to openly kill players on other teams to take resources.

That on its own would just be an endless fight so to add an objective one player from each team is allowed to keep their starting map and becomes the teams leader.  killing the leader and taking the map then forces the remaining members of that team to join the attacking team and work for them.  The game would go until all the teams are conquered, or whatever other objective is decided on.

I've already had a chance to try this out with a few people and for what we got done i think it worked well.  Since then I decided to add in smaller rules that can be explained before the game begins.

And as an added incentive, if enough people are interested in setting this up and we get enough teams set up times and dates would get posted ahead of time and this could even be turned into a tournament with the possibility of a prize for winning. Otherwise it's just a group of people showing off at how much better they are at building in minecraft.

Well i've said what i wanted to say, if you would be interested in getting involved with this I am normally online during the day so I am available if you have questions here or on the xbox.

Hopefully i'll be seeing you soon.

(everything in the following post was made under my own knowledge, should there be anything like this already going on im not trying to step on toes, just trying to have some fun.)


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If teams get set up I am considering starting on Monday, or even later today, Sunday.

I'm in.

I'll friend you.

great idea, i hope it takes off :)

you and me both.  like i said before it worked out well enough  when i tested the idea and it would add a little bit more to minecraft then just run around and build crazy houses and other things

add me bro! ill be on all day tomorrow starting in the morning. ill join youse.

Great idea. Problem is getting everyone on at the same time due to time differences, and when players can come on and are available. Weekdays are usually not the best unless you can sort something out.