A little worried

First off im a huge BF3 fan , i dont normally play rush but the demo has me hooked. Im not intersested in hearing your opinion if its just to bash the game if you dont like it thats fine by me but i dont want to hear about it.

anyhoo to my point , i was watching a comparrison video ps3 vs xbox , paying attention to the framerate and yes i know its capped at 30fps. There were however a few drops to 26-28 .... not an issue i know.However if its struggling to keep a constant 30fps now (both systems) and they are going to improve textures for the final release how is it going to cope? what framerates are we going to end up with , i know its old code but its not an old build of the engine , thats gonna be the same. Soooooooo are they really going to improve the textures? Are they fobbing us off?

I would like informed opinions only (good or bad) please dont waste your time flaming.............nobody is interested anymore


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I think some of the problem's we have seen in the beta, is a case of Frostbite 2 being new and still in final stages of development as-well as the game itself.

The issue with the FPS is not coursed by textures, it's the way the engine renders the textures that makes the FPS drop however as-long as the FPS doesn't drop under 25FPS for more then a second then the average player should't notice, Its only when its drops for longer is when we start to notice and the game starts to feels like it's in slow motion. 

Also try to remember that not all capture cards used by gamers on YouTube capture the image at 30FPS. If the capture card is recording at a lower frame rate and the game in questions frame rate drops for a moment, it might not be noticeable in the game as its not low enough but is noticeable on the recording. Most capture cards that record at 60hz, capture images at 25FPS.

Having been a pc gamer for years i dont even know how they actually capture framerate on the xbox anyway (i asked on the tech help section but got no joy) I know when textures go up framerates go down , something has to give (spending hours trying to otimise a game on the pc taught me this :) one of the reasons i switched to xbox partly because of the cost and mostly because i dont have time to mess around anymore ;) )  i have a basic knowlage of how things work (to a point). If your increasing textures your increasing polygons (triangles) the more the chip has to draw the harder it has to work.........it seems the good old xbox is working bloody hard already! Poor old thing ;) I small fast drop in fps wont be noticed im sure but if for example on the bigger maps your sticking at 25 or below its going to give me a headache , and moving out into a large open area for example is going to cause a sudden hoge fps drop and lag.and we dont want that in a first person shooter :)

Id rather the kept the graphics as is (i have no problem with them as long as i dont stare at anything too long and i love the lighting) and keep the framerate up

Alternatively id love the final release too look better and play the same fps :))

I assume that you have seen Caspian Border, If you compare the textures and graphic's to Operation Metro, CB looks less detailed then OM. Dice are a experienced developer and will most likely have tried and tested skills where they can find a balance between graphic/texture detail and FPS. I agree with you tho, I would happily give up detail for smother gameplay.

The biggest problem is that all worries that people are having is because of a bad beta and alot of server issues that can also effect the drop of FPS. I have not seen the FPS on my Xbox drop lower enougth to make the game unplayable.