a little shove in the right direction please...

 i am a human noble warrior on my first playthrough ever.just saved the arlk of radcliffe with the urn of ashes. now it tells me to talk to the arl before going to denrim... but i talk to him and get nothing. i select different missions but nothing highlights on my world map and no little white arrows either. where do i go next? not  sure if it matters or not but i defiled the urn with dragon blood...which imfeeling kinda bad about...especially since the preist told me i ruined the world after being honest with him lol. anyways...whats next?!?!? loving this game by the way. had my doubts but found it at best buy for ten bucks and couldnt say no.


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You need to recruit all your allies. Go back to your journal and look at the main questline, you can't move farther in the plot until you have your army.

thank you ... i stumbled upon the dwrves and am now at the cross roads...do i go for branka first or find the anvil?

If you find Branka, you find the anvil.

Yeh as the guy above says, you need to go and get your allies first. Speak to the dwarves, elves, etc. In terms of not seeing arrows to know where to go next... All arrows for quests are only shown for the area you're in at the time. You never get arrows on the main map even if you select a quest that needs to be done in Denerim for example. Some quests you won't even get an arrow in the area you're in, sometimes you have to "find" the next objective.

Hope this helps :)