A Little Short

....seems to be the Campaign.  Is it my imagination tho? 


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Not sure because you habe to run through it twice and win every mission.

I don't even consider it a campaign, so ya, very short.  It's a good idea that they tried, but it seems like another playlist more than a campaign.  I can't say I even paid attention to the dialogue

Yeah, it is only 9 matches on each side, and if you have a good team you can run through the opposition in about 5 minutes. So yes, compared to traditional campaigns it is very short.

I, as do most other people don't even count this games attempt at a campaign to be, an actual campaign, more like the other dude said, but instead of it being like another playlist, its reused playlist with added dialogue. Although fun it lacks that true "Campaign" feel other games have, but... that's what the people wanted right?

Yep, it's short. I don't see the point in the Campaign (apart from unlocking the Stryder and the other Titan), but I'm glad Respawn tried something different instead of having a traditional campaign that would most likely be as pointless. 

campaign was horribly short - approx 1hr 15mins for me

I do like this game but its nothing special, even in battlefields broken state its a better shooter and you get a lot more wow/WTF moments

There's just that something special missing, i'll keep plugging away but if there's a party of friends playing battlefield i'd much rather play that