a little off topic but see if u can help!

i was always curious on how to register to unlock gamerpics such as the one some members have of marcus from xbox live registration.i always thought just download the XBL registration gamerpic(blank green) and just have it as your gamerpic i did that but never unlocked it.any steps to it just lemme know.thanks


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Some of the contests have passed. Check the dashboard regularly. Also some are just for some countries.

contest? more details please if u know.BTW u stole my character in your signature! lol

They sometimes have contests for Microsoft Points and other big prizes when some new games and movies come out.  They are usually on the dashboard in the Spotlight section.  

Here are the current Events going on right now.


thanks so i just download those registration blank gamerpics and have them on my GT right? but for how long?thanks for the link btw.i did that with gears 3 sweepsteak but didnt unlock marcus's gamerpic though.

You go to Change gamerpic and it should be in there.  Not sure what they will look like though.