A little late to this series ....

But I'm enjoying what I'm playing so far in Mass Effect 2.


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That's good the Mass Effect trilogy is going to be one of the best trilogy games that has ever been made in my opinion and March 2012 can not get here fast enough to complete it. I looked at the games that you've played and noticed you haven't played mass Effect 1 I strongly Recommend that you go out and purchase the game it won't cost you more then 20 dollars anywhere and it is well worth it but you do not have to you can pretty much figure out what happened in ME1 by just playing ME2 plus you can get the Genesis DLC to help you a little more.  Well have fun playing its a great game.

I respect your choice to skip ME1, but you are cheating yourself out of a great game and some awesome content. Glad you like it!

"The End of The Universe Begins with One Man"  The End of The Galactic War Begins with MASS Effect 1

Absolutely recommend playing ME1, it's a great game.  Helps you set up a more personalised galaxy for 2 and 3 that just makes you feel far more connected to it, and that moment in Saren's office on Virmire...still remains one of my favourite moments in any video game

Yeah, I'm late to the party, too.  Just finished my first play through or ME1 last night and started in on ME2.

It's strange, I either didn't like or just couldn't get into BG, KOTOR, NWN, and DA, so I didn't figure ME would be up my alley.  And here it is, turning into easily one of my favs.

Glad to hear it :) You'll find that ME2's combat is much more.. generic than ME1's. Which isn't really a bad thing I suppose...

You really should play Mass Effect.  You will miss content if you don't.  Not the major choices, but I have a feeling some of the small things are going to matter even if they didn't affect ME2.

The story and the level of writing in this game is in a league of its own, IMO.  Recently I found myself going back to both games to play through, and taking in all the cutscenes just so I could refresh myself in anticipation of ME3.  It's unbelievable how much this franchise plays like an interactive movie.

I also recommend ME1, just to get a sense of place in the story that interactive DLC can't really replicate.

glad your liking it, i do urge you to go back and play me1 as well though its brilliant! :)