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I dont expect a lot of replies as a doubt many will read this whole thing but i wanted to put down my thoughts on games today, where its going and where its come from. I may sound like a dinosaur by the time im done. Im 37 years old. My introduction to games was the atari 2600. By no means have i owned every system ever made but ive played a lot of them. Some you may not have heard of.

Forgive me if this is not chronologically correct.

Atari 2600, colecovision, intellivision, commadore 64, NES, sega master system, sega genisis, super NES, actionmax, turbografx16, sega cd, playstation, sega saturn, N64, sega dreamcast, PS2, Xbox, gamecube, Xbox 360, and now Xbox One. Various hand helds which i honestly dont care for. (id only use in the bathroom ) I may have left out afew. And various old school arcade cabinets.

Every system has had its successes and short comings. Whats important is gameplay. Is it fun?...

On the 2600 everyone knows of pong and space invaders, but there are so many more great games. I have to admit i still take my 2600 for a spin once in a while (yes it still works ). adventure, combat, indy 500, slot racers, laser blast, circus, and many more. Am i nostalgic for the blocky grafics? Maybe a little but more so for the fun. The controls were simplistic but you truly needed to develop skill with many games as the difficulty gradually ramped up to get the high score. I wish we had online leaderboards back then. Same with coleco and intellivision.

Ok. Moving on. Next came the NES and the master system from sega. Both systems had great games but the nes had more. I honestly only remember a few titles for sega. Great football. Alex kid. Some spyhunter clone. They were fun but the nes had a lot more polish and more memorable titles. Super mario, duck hunt, metroid,contra , pro wrestling was always a favorite of mine. (starman rules). Sports were very good onthe nes, almost forgot rad racer.

gonna skip genesis and supernes as its pretty much the same story. sega did have a lot more better titles this time around and intro duced sonic the hedge hog to the world.controllers got more buttons.

actionmax was a strange one. itused a light gun and a sensor that suction cupped to the screen.the console had a digital display for your score. the games were actually videotapes that you put in your vcr.they where essentially short movies with bad acting. gameplay was pretty challenging as you would lose points for shooting friendly targets. i only had three games for this, dont remember the names but one was police academy, a haunted house, and airplane dogfight like top gun. if any one remembers this let me know. im gonna take a break now



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Wow. I do remember all that. lol commodore 64. Atari. colecovisiion.  I used to play a game called venture on the coleco. I cant believe you actually have a 2600 that still work. thats aweome. Remember DONKEY KONG Coleco Table Top Electronic Arcade Game ? I actually had one. Loved it. Good to know theres a lot of gamers that remember the old classics.

Ok I actually forgot i started this. I think the game you mention moon is a knockoff of adventure for the 2600. Coleco stole a lot from the 2600. I believe they even had a device to allow 2600 carts to be played on the colecovision console. Can you describe the game abit?

I only remember two games for the turbografx. Bonks adventure which was their version of mario and sonic. Ok playstation and saturn. I have to admit i preferred the saturn. There was a wealth of good rpg's to choose from and the playstation controller just felt uncomfortable to me. I only played goldeneye and mario on the 64. Both were good but my eyes would start to hurt after maybe 20 minutes in. Not sure if this was caused by the system or my friends tv. Anyway after a few headaches i decided against the 64.  I will say that after the saturn which i enjoyed a lot i was quick to jump on board with the dreamcast. again some good rpg's. Some interesting second screen stuff with the vmu such as minigames and calling plays on nfl2k. Skies of arcadia was awesome. Also shenmue. I still wish i knew how that story was going to end.

My history with gaming might not be as long or illustrious as yours, but I managed to get in on the ground floor just as it was really taking off. Nintendo groomed me well for the PS and Xbox.

Man, I still remember the Christmas at my grandparents when I first unwrapped that 64. Still brings a tear to my eye.

U can get the 2600 games from the game room app. It has dozens of atari arcade and 2600 titles.  I have Adventure and a few more. I am 46 and we had an Atari from 1978 until 1985.  I just tossed it in the attic and forgot about it until last year. I found it and it still works! The game room has Intellivison as well.