A little help with in game player speed please

I have a question--How do you adjust the settings so that when Chris Johnson...or Desean Jackson, or someone fast, gets a step on a player, they are actually faster than the guys chasing them. I'm tired of having a fast receiver or RB break the edge or beat a guy in man coverage only to be run down by someone who in real life is actually slower than they are by leaps and bounds. I know there is a slider that deals with this specifically...I just can't think of exactly what it's called right off hand...do you adjust that slider to 100%? Or does someone have another suggestion to make that part of the game more realistic. Thanks!


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there should be a slider for that there was in previous years madden im not near my console right now but i too have noticed this same problem it should set the actual dff in speed variations to be more real and drastic

change the speed threshold under game settings. the smaller the number the more you will be able to see a difference in speed between players

thanks SilentxD34TH

Thanks gentlemen! However...i just remembered...i play with the Redskins...slow players appearing to be as fast as other people might be a good thing for me! ha

Just start HELU.