a little help making friends to play live with!!!!

Hey I just got my xbox 360 and I m trying to make new friends to play with on x box live but I have no idea how to do that, I have halo 3 so far but I wonder does anyone else play it because I don't seem to see anybody in the game room when I sign in or am I not doing it right???? another question do I have to pay to or buy points to be able to play on x box live??? this is my fist time as a gamer, as a female I m more into hair and make up so any help with this will really help


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always looking for friends to play halo with. i have halo 3, odst, reach, and CEA.  still not that great when it comes to playing.  i am usually online on saturday & sunday afternoons.  i have had the xbox for almost a year and i still have very little idea how to really use it.  i think that you have to be a gold member, and when you see a friend then invite them in and off you go, or you get on the matchmaking section of the memu and the computer sets you up with a open game.

Im a big Halo fan feel free to add me :)

^ Same halo and C.O.D ftw, anyways no you dont need points to play online but you do need gold membership and like my bio sais im looking fowrd to make new friends so feel free to add me