A little help in My Player Mode?

Last time I played as my player I saved and quit the game. But everytime I try to continue the game, my 360 just freezes and it turns into a pitch black screen. A little help here? Thanks (Y).


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This problem has been appearing a'lot.. your file is corrupted and i'm pretty sure you're going to have to start a new one. It happened to me before when I was in the first round of the playoffs -,-

Something like this happened to me before (not on this game but another) on the PC.  I think it was GTA 3.

Ever since then, I've made 2 saves in basically every game I play.  That way if one dies, you still have the back up.

Even if you don't save twice after every game, saving to your back up every 3 or 4 games is still better than nothing.

I've been doing that with NBA 2K11 as well. Yes it takes up memory, buy having 2-3 saves will save you a lot of headaches if one of the files get corrupted. Player 2-3 games and then save in both File 1 and File 2. Then load File 2 for 3-4 games and do the same thing again, but use File 1 again when loading the save.