A how to make potions guide.

I'm looking for a good how to make potions guide and I'm wondering if anybody has found a better one than this IGN guide that i found that I could use because I just don't believe that they found everything. Thanks


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Quickest way to learn (without having a guide or list in front of you) is to collect every ingredient you can find while exploring or en route to some destination. Then, select your ingredient list. If any say "unknown" in the first column, then eat it, which will reveal the first effect. None of them will harm you. The more effects that are known, the more complete your list of possible potions will be when you reach an alchemy table. You don't really need an external list if the alchemy table (in time) can list them all anyway.    

I like the wiki myself. It has a list of all effects with their ingredients and a list of all ingredients with their effects. I printed it out to keep near when I was brewing. It's only a dozen pages for both kinds of lists. I prefer to know what I'm doing ahead of time so I don't waste scarce or hard to get ingredients.

Potions guide, are you looking to level up your skill/selling or create them for personal use?

I use the Android Skyrim Alchemy App.  It's free and list all (I think) the ingredients and their effects.  This way, when I run across a rare item.  I don't have to waste it.  I just look it up.

Everything above is good.  Just on the eating ingredients, dont eat human heart and skin, i think.  Those are pretty rare, no pun intended.

The Arch-Mage quarters also offer a lot of ingredients too so for a lot of the more common one, you dont need to find them out in the wilds.

They do respwan too but it takes quite a few in game days.

But some like Briar hearts, Daedra hearts and Human hearts (as mentioned above), to name a few, are not available there...

One thing I like about the wiki alchemy listing is that the list of effects give not only all ingredients that can be used including unique items like Berit's Ashes but also a base value for when you just want to level up. It's a good guide to keep handy so you don't have to remember all that stuff.