A gripe that I dont think ive seen yet

I love the blackhat...it helps counter a lot of things. I do have one small problem though.

Its good it can help get a teamates carep package back with a rapid pick up (seems as fast as the persons who picked it up). But unfortunatly now you have kids who cant get a carpackage using the blackhat to steal packages...so you cant drop it 4 feet in front of you and stay in cover, unless your right on top of it he can steal it....they need to lessen the pickup time for the blackhat slightly to atleast give you a chance.


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Do what I do. Play with a party. I never get my packages stolen. I will let a teammate take it if I'm nowhere near it or change it if it's crappy.

Old news, been a few threads on this, no change is needed, except for players attitude towards carepackages.

You know UK you could say the same thing about glitches...no changes are needed, its players attitudes twords glitches. But I bet youll have every player running to get into a glitch (when some are...and hopefully not found) at the start of every single game.

I don't know. I really like playing the hero and saving friendly carepackages from the clutches of enemy hands with it.

thats one thing...and thats good. But when you got some kid just staeling every care package called in...thats not good

Yeah. It would be hard to distinguish helping and not helping though. I don't want to loose it to the other team because the game thinks I am stealing it. If they can find a way to do it, sure, but I think it would be difficult.