A great seed for jungle enthusiasts!

My friend discovered seed # -6644253706099413711 (includes dash) as a random world he built to see the jungle.  This is a terrific seed if you like epic mountains to build lairs in, some of them are already mostly hollowed out as well!  There is only a single village and no blacksmith in this village, also there are several underground entrances smack-dab in the middle of town.  The good news is that these underground tunnels do not go very far, and all of them link up with each other for easy walling off (if you desire, the villagers do go down there a lot)  We have found an abandoned mine complex (huge) in the north-west corner that contains melon seeds.  There are plentiful pumpkins in about four seperate locations in the world.  In short, this seed is almost perfect for our needs.  Our group likes cool mountain lairs and the lots of jungle that this seed offers.  Also, the ocean biome is quite small, most of the map is land.  Small taiga too, so if you like your biomes frozen, this one won't appeal to you.  Check it out and let me know what you think of this seed.  Enjoy!


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