A free to play game is coming to xbox live arcade

It is called happy wars. Here is the article: http://www.shacknews.com/article/75453/happy-wars-goes-free-to-play-on-xbox-360

What are your opinions on this?


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I'm sold. Bring it now!

The look of it has a cross between Castle Crashers and Costume Quest feel.  Not sure about the whole "its free!" thing... there's always a danger with these types of games for a microtransaction to be a game breaker.. forcing you to by something if you want to stay competitive.  


If its strategy is as deep as the trailer leads on then it could be a blast.

Free is always good. Looking forward to it.  :)

I'll play it. It looks kinda fun. Although it could do with a better name.

every post mentioning that this was a copy of fat princess deleted? well we know for sure what this game will be like now.. I  just hope it is as good.

it says it will be 15 vs 15 which is great.


I juts hope the game isn't pay 2 win.. we will see though, definitly going to down load it when it comes out, already told my friends about it too.

oh nvm there are 2 threads about the same game o.O

it looks good, and being free always helps

I say a XBOX take of fat princess. i seeing that game. And from look that game. it could being the same gameplay as fat princess to the 360. I just hope it not  bad game. Becoues when I saw fat princess. i wish it was on 360 with achievements. And now I got my change with this game. But how menny achievements will be freebie and how menny achievements will you haved to pay to get them. That is the question right now.

Agreed - free is good!!