A few things that are annoying...

This game is the best football game out there this year, that belongs to NCAA 12, but it is still solid. But there are a few annoyances. First do Collinsworth and the other guy (can't remember his name) only have like two phrases they can say?  I mean if I hear about Jason Witten being the best TE in the game one more time Im gonna just mute the tv. And during every game so far, its been the same linple if I'm the home team or away team. There is a few more  I could get into but I won't. And now to the controls: I find NCAA 12's set up far better than this clustered mess, it just takes for ever to adjust your players on the fly. And why can't I predict before the snap if its gonna be a run or pass like in the college game. Plus one feature in the play calling I hope they add is the quick special teams button (y in ncaa 12), when you go into your play calling screen you can simply press y and it brings you to special teams, instead of wasting precious time cycling to it, trying to setup a last second field goal. or in hurry up, designate a special button to call for a spike of the ball to kill the clock. (that one could be there, and I just haven't noticed it yet). Other than those few annoying things this is a pretty solid game (finally).


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The first line should read: This game isn't the best football game out there this year,

For some reason, even with all the complaints about it, they left alot of the commentary from madden 11 in. They added in a couple new comments for each team which means if you play as that team regularly you've heard the same thing about a million times.

They also screwed up even more than last year how and when they say things. Yesterday Chris Harris (safety of the Bears) got a 2yrd fumble return touchdown on me so according to collingsworth Chris Harris is one of the best running backs in the league these days that every team wants, and who had just done an incredible run......like how does that even happen? He's not even a running back. Their commentary system shouldn't even be able to put Chris Harris's name in that line...