A few thing I am disappointed about Xbox One

Over all, I am loving my XBO. It just takes a little getting used to, and I am loving the whole experience. That being said there are a few things I am either missing or the XBO doesn't do...yet.

First: Voice messages. The only way I seem to be able to send messages to friends is by text. So unless I am missing something, we can't send them.

Second: Recently played/met list. I am meeting a lot of new people, and I would like to add them to my friends list. It seems to be a long a tedius process to add people on XBO.

Third: Party chat. I see a lot of topics on this. when you join a party, it should automaticly turn on party chat.

Lastly. I know that the 360 is going to be around for a long time, and you want to contunue to support it. But I feel like I am being punished for having an XBO in some reguards. First are my digital purchases. I understand that games are not backwards compatiable, but it seems like a waste not being able to transfer my digitally owned games. I though it was more related to the just the disks than everything. Gold membership bonuses too. Why have a gold membership for XBO if all the benifits are for the 360? The monthly games are for 360 only. finally APPS. there are several apps supported for the 360 that the one doesn't seem to have, nor is there info on if they will be avaliable(Flixter).


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