A few quick questions!

Hello all,

I have a few quick questions about the game, now that it is released, that some of you may be able to help me with.  I played DotP to death, and I am looking forward to giving this installment a try, but I am curious about the following,

1. Can I choose how I want to spend my mana when I cast a spell? I got caught a few times in DotP where the system chose the wrong combination of mana for me, and thus forced me out of a set play I was trying to run (i.e. I wanted the first spell to use all green mana, and the second to use all black, but the computer felt otherwise).

2. Two-Headed Giant on 4 different consoles? My brother and I enjoy playing this together, but we don't live in the same city.  Can a team now be on two different Xbox's?

3. Anything done to prevent players online from running the timer and making the games drag out?

Thanks a lot for your time. Like I said, I tried to find some of this information, but I was unsuccessful.  See you guys online!

I had a bunch more questions, but I realized they are rule based, not product based.  Any good websites out there that could help me resolve some of my MTG questions?


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1.  No, there are actually MORE cards now that will be affected by this.  

2.  Yes.

3.  No.  Some people are just lame.

Thanks for the quick response AKILLAthehun42. Much appreciated.

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