A Few Questions

Ok so I have a few problems:

  1. I can’t find online matches. All I ever get is “no games found”. And yes I have the open nat. This has been going on for quite some time. And its’ predecessor is the same: no games. Strangely enough, Black Ops, MW 3 and BO 2 all seem to have pretty good online communities still.

  2. Is it possible to play anything other than the campaign offline? This will take some explaining: my son is constantly hounding me about play the Zombies mode. His console (referred to as Console B) has no internet connection.   So I hooked up the wireless adapter to update his console with the latest updates and got to thinking about this Zombie problem. I downloaded the three DLC packs (Havoc, Ascendance and the other one) on his console. So now there are two consoles (his and mine) that have the same DLC for this game.

However, once I disconnect the wireless adapter, suddenly he cannot play anything except the campaign mode offline: no split screen, system link, or zombies.   When I try to set up a game in any of these I get a message that says, in effect, I am missing some kind of online compatibility patch.  And I cannot get around it.  And yes I have tried downloading this supposed pack…but it does not seem to work once I disconnect the internet.


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Try reinstalling game  

Wired network   could help

Maybe it could be to do with the disc   ,  so possibility borrow a friends disc  

You should be able to do a local game. I've done it a few times. I can't remember the name but something like Local Play, but you play against bots.

Same as the answers above