A few questions.

#1) My brother and I both play BF3 online but when he plays, he gets far more servers than what I get. He get's DICE servers, I don't. Both of our server filter settings are the same.

#2) Everyone once in a while, maybe for 1-2 frames, I get a green flash.

#3) When I play online, my game seems a little slugish or rather, glitchy (compared to the videos of BF3 you see on youtube, played on computer). For example, when I'm in a scout helicopter (like the ZZW), you have the main crosshair and you have the one that shows you where your turrent bullets will go. The crosshairs for that aren't even on the screen or they are some odd position, like the top, right corner. This happens for all my air vehicles but not all the time.

Also, sometimes you can see through a weapon, near the stock, and then later that game, you don't.

I was wondering if these problems were for just me or everyone, if these are problems with the game patches, the game, or the system; and, of course, are there any solutions.


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Did you install the HD Texture pack?

I dont know why your servers are different in the server browser. 

dunno bout the others. but the vehicle crosshair problem is fixable by switching from first to third person and back.

^ That. The green screen is fairly common on Wake Island..

Weapon stock clips with the camera sometimes.

yeah the green screen flashes have been around since the beta.

The helicopter crosshair fix/trick worked. Also, it's weird, because after I got off my laptop, I went to play BF3 and it was extremely smooth. I think it has something to do with the bandwidth (that's making is slugish). And when I fly helicopters, they seemed a little more sensitive then what I'm used to.

Air units in this game are like a ballerina compared to the fixed controls of BC2's.