A few questions. Need some help

Ok first off, great game. Server issues are to be expected this close to release. Anyways I want to start recording my games, what sort of things do I need to do that? And also, it seems like nobody spots enemies or revives people. I spot everyone I see, it helps the whole team. And i use the medic class 90% of the time and I'll have about 15 or so revives a match. I'll rush across a battlefield to revive someone. I got accused of hacking the other day in a game of conquest because I was 4-1 in kills, but had almost 10k points. If people would play the objectives instead of trying to get kills you'll just about always win. Does anyone else have this problem while playing objective games?

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All of that. I think, when you spot, all allied players get indicator on HUD, minimap and verbally (yet only the type of threat verbally, not its location. Like "OMG Enemy tank sighted, in your area!!").

There are other rules for when they enter cover and you loose sight. I think they dissapear from HUD first, and from minimap after that. Special rules for this. I'm not sure.

Sometimes enemies show up only at the minimap and not on the HUD at all, and I think that only means they are firing.

Oh im not new to BF series, i just know how to get points lol. but i still need help on how to record games

i have no idea on how to record games. i dont think there is a built in feature like in BOPs.

i dont even know how to spot enemies. was this in the extensive on disc manual that was included? seriously, what button?

i usually use a medic class on indoor areas. i love using the defib.

i havent been accused of hacking, but people do trip whaen you go like 4-3 but have the top score in the lobby.

its all about those objectives! go get em!

-And both on the map and on the HUD it appears as a small red static symbol of whatever threat it is, right above the target.

It's the back button! :p

Just aim at them with the left trigger, then go BACK to call out the spot!

[quote user="Glacier Codfish"]

It's the back button! :p

Just aim at them with the left trigger, then go BACK to call out the spot!


does this relay the position verbally or on the mini map? if so, how does it appear on the map?

does it inform the whole team or just the squad?

ty in advance.


Not as a problem.. but i see your points. It's cool how you are dedicatet as a medic. Not alot of them out there now.

But people aren't spotting enough, no, I agree to that. But when playing with a squad of people you know, you are gonna spot more since it seems natural, as you get more tactical when cooperating with people you know. I would say that is the solution really.

And I guess people go for kills instead of objective so much because that's how you rank up your weapons.

Do I get people harping me for my score in objective games? Lol, no not usually, but props for playing the game it's meant to be played (to an extent). If I did get accused for hacking because I was top of the scoreboard I'd be quite flattered though.

The spot system as changed from the other Battlefield titles, in Bad Company when a player spots a target, the spot (red triangle) displays for a set time. Now in BF3 you can only see the spot if the player is in your line of sight, if they move behind cover they lose the spot, This is the most likely reason why we are seeing less spotting.

Regarding the players accusing others for hacking, well that quite simple, we have alot of new first time players to Battlefield, which are used to other FPS game (cough COD) where positive K/D guarantees success and don't understand that playing the objective will earn you more score then kills do.

I had a similar game the other day where I got 2 kills and 5 deaths, but I finished as the highest scoring player in that match, because I spent the whole game capturing flags, handing out ammo, and kit switching and reviving my downed team mate, the guy below me in second place got around 22 kills and 5 deaths, but I scored around 1500 points more them him.

What the OP is talking about is a great example of how a player which is new or not the best at FPS games can still be a value assist to there team by playing the objective. The only tip I would give to the OP is to not become a Rambo reviver, meaning don't revive a player for him to be killed by the same enemy a second after being revived, clean out the area of enemies and then revive your team mate.