a few questions for people who have solved the main story line once ... Thanks!

1) Riddler questions ---> in the back menu, I'm trying to understand what the icons mean for some of the riddler questions .. There's a *3,*6, *9, and then next to that there's a final icon ... What are those?

2) more riddler questions - when a question pops up during the game, does that mean I'm near to the answer?

3) new game + - if I haven't done all the side missions yet, and I start new game plus, can I go back to the "old" (easier) game and do more side missions/riddler trophies? and will they be mirrored in new game plus?



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When a riddle pops up it means your in it's general location.

to get the perfect Knight day 2 achievement one of the requirements is you are forced to complete all side missions for both new game + and the main story so to answer your question yes you can go back to the main story and complete them

1) those are breakable items (Penguins, Harley Heads, Demon Seals)

2) If a riddle appears that means you are in the proper zone according to the list in the menu

3) New Game plus is a separate mode, so you CAN return to the regular game.  However, New Game plus only uses the save present when it is started (so anything you do in the regular game after starting NGP will not be mirrored.)  Also, side missions will still be present in NGP.  The only things that won't be there are the trophies you've acquired.

Thanks all ... SO I guess I'll do all side missions and THEN do game + ....

for whatever reason I still haven't unlocked the side mission of finding the symbols ...

I also don't know what a harley head is, or what they look like??

one more question:

I see on my map there are now riddler locations (for the actual riddles)

I go to them but no question appears -- I've solved riddles I haven't even seen the questions for! ???

The Harley Heads are in the Steel Mill (the bobble head looking speaker boxes.  Use the zappy gun to blow her head off.  

The questions appear when you first enter the appropriate zone (Amusement Mile, Bowery, Museum, etc.) However, since there are multiple riddles in each area they wouldn't have them all show up at once.

The locations on the map are where the answers to various riddles are.  If snapping "pictures" all over isn't helping, switch to Detective Mode - could be a hidden question mark you need to line up and snap.