a few questions concerning archery

I have a couple of questions as to making an archery character:


Which is a more preferable race for archery: wood elf, jaguar, or high elf?

Does the weight of your character (body shape in character customization) factor into sneaking?

Which bow is better overall: Daedric or Nightingale?

What shouts are best for archery and where are their word walls?

Where is the thieve's guild and how do you start the quests for them?


I'm starting over to make an archery character for some new quests. I know how to craft daedric items, but I don't know how to get to the thieve's guild quests.


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Wood Elves have the highest bonus to archery, personally I would recommend a race that is less skilled for it, so that way you will get mor skill increases and result in a higher level in the long haul. No, the weight of your character does not affect sneaking, worn armor and boots do though.

Daedric delivers a more powerful shot while Nightengale draws back faster. If your going to be using archery, you wont really need shouts, although Unrelenting Force can knock back opponents if they get too close. You learn all stages of this at -SPOILER- ... Throat of The World.

Another spoiler.... You start the Thieves Guild in Riften, more specifically, Brynjolf, he can be located in the market. He will ask you to do something, which leads to another thing then eventually; acceptance into the guild.

1. I'm a Wood-elf, but I don't think it really matters. Pick a race you like.

2. Don't think so.

3. I use a Deadric-bow with enchancements, it's beastly!

4. Dunno.

5. It's located in Riften, just ask around town.

1. Early on Race matters, Later on Race is meaningless. So pick what you like best.

2. No.

3. Daedric is the best type of weapons for everything (I believe)

4. That is subjective. I like Throw Voice, But I could imagine Ice Form and other types being useful.... But i don't use many shouts.

5. Riften. Someone should talk to you right when you enter the city.


Edit: also the "soft" lvl cap is 50. "Hard" lvl cap is 81.

1. I play a wood elf. There's not really much in it, but I personally wish I'd gone with Khajiit so I could use their night vision for some of my night-time escapades.

2. No

3. Daedric I believe

4. I personally use the detect life shout a lot, but I don't remember where I got it

5. Riften

Were are some of the word walls?

If you practice a shout in towns you may get a visit from a courier telling you to go check out a spot which will be a word wall. Beware, though, it may not be a good idea if you are a lower level but it will always show up in your miscellaneous quest list. Also pay attention to your compass. When you see a dragon head show up it means there is a word wall nearby though it may be very hard to get to. Last, sometimes someone will mention a dragon being a problem and there is at least one favor quest to kill a dragon. When this happens the location of the dragon will appear on your map. Wherever there is a dragon head there is a word wall.

I found the detect life shout very useful in locating Falmer in Dwemer ruins. I just got the Command Animal shout and it worked great against an ice bear. It just wandered around while I pelted it with arrows.

Alright. Thank you everyone for the advice

[quote user="The Lady Bastet"]

 I just got the Command Animal shout and it worked great against an ice bear. It just wandered around while I pelted it with arrows.


That is excellent!