A few questions about the game and story.warning spoilers!

First off why cant we be able to toggle the flashlight on and off? It seems a little ridiculous to me that we cant do that.i like to have my brightness settings low becuase it gives color more vividness.and adds more tension at night.

Was it me but who else found vaas and bucks death unsatisfying after what buck did to keith and what vaas did to the rest of them i really wanted to make them suffer. i havent beat the game yet so i dont know whats going to happen to hoyt

Why did they remove vechicles from multiplayer i ask this mostly because it hinders some map types for the editer. what is the chance that they'll add them back in?

And my last question any one a little mad that jason left his friends and girlfriend for this women that basicly molested him in his sleep? He worked so hard to get them all back from the pirates to only give them the middle finger especially liza kinda a dbag move right there. Well those are my questions for know.


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Flashlight no clue

The deaths, yes, me too. After Vaas, dropped, shot, dropped again and stabbed Jason a few times I too was hoping more more than a dream sequence vendetta. Buck was alright but kind of saw that coming a long ways away.

havent really tried MP

I just you chose to side with Citra? yeah that ending made em a little mad too. the other though makes a whole lot more sense for the "save your friends" campaign.