a few noob questions

1.  How do I heal a follower?

2.  How do I recharge a weapon?  I saw posts that talked about using the right button to use a soul gem when on the inventory screen, but i clicked the button and nothing happened...do I need specific types of gems?  (and does it vary with weapon type?)

3.  Is it true that follower stats do not change after you meet them?  If so, does this mean followers quickly become obsolete as you level?  Also, are the stats set when you actually meet them, or only when they become a follower?



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1. you can use the healing hands perk or maybe give them a healing potion (i haven't tried either of these but that's what I would expect)

2. you need an occupied soul gem (one with a soul in it) and browse to you weapon and there is an option to recharge (I think its the right shoulder button) and it will bring up a choose window with the available soul gems in it, just pick one of those.

3. dont know sorry.

If you're not in combat your NPC buddy heals automatically.  You can put healing and restore items in there inventory and they will take them when necessary during combat.  The "healing hands" is a spell tomb you can learn.  The NPC you're pointing out will be healed.  The various Restoration Perks also can enhance the effectiveness of your "healing hands" spell.

Thanks!  I was wondering why I should buy healing hands...