A few hours in. Great game so far. thoughts and questions.

This is my first Diablo game. Oddly enough I never got into them even though I played alot of PC games. Got this yesterday for basically nothing trading in an old phone and a coupon from Gamestop. Played a few hours with my g/f and so far everything is great. Feels like a much deeper Gauntlet game. I chose the Barbarian and my g/f chose the Monk. Any tips for those classes? Also I've noticed that when she (Monk) equips a weapon she doesn't use them in the actual attack. Just want to make sure the weapons we equip are being used and go towards damage.


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So the way D3 works with weapons is a little odd. There is no 'basic attack' (Unless you try using a spell/ability you don't have mana, hatred, etc... for). If you go into your options menu, you'll find a 'Show Advanced Tooltips' option. If you check that box and then go back to your skills, you'll see that they now all reference Weapon Damage.

Spells do damage based on a % of the damage your weapon does.

For example: My Vampiric Steel Wand of flame does 15-24 damage, and my magic missile attack does 150% of weapon damage. So every time I attack with that, I will deal between 22.5 and 36 damage to the target. So while your lady friend appears not to use the weapon, the damage is in fact based on whatever sword/claw/fist weapon she has equipped.

As far as tips for classes, I'd just find a set of skills you like and stick with them. Swap them out for new ones, or customize them with runes when you get them. You'll want to equip items that boost strength on your barbarian, and dexterity on her monk. Damage is also multiplied by your primary attribute, so a barbarian with 54 strength has all his damage increased by 54%

Hope that helps :)