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Hello fable forum, I need somebody to be my business partner in fable 3 and not just anybody who can get me anything, but a somewhat serious player. I'm not only trying to get the achievements that i need, Im also trying to obtain everything and anything that can be possibly obtained in fable (clothing, food, weapons, tattoos, hairstyles, etc.) and everything at its maximum best too. I know this seems like a weird request, the simple reason why it is so is because  I want to play with someone who I can rely on. Whoever is willing to help me should be able to feel comfortale being a female character and is OK with having a character who is both good and evil. There may be a lot to be requested from you . This may or may not take a while so just be willing to stick by for as long as things get accomplish and goals are meet. I play on random days since i do have a life and a job so don't be upset if I'm on or not. I do not expect you to be able to commit to a 24/7 hour of play time, you should be able to continue in your convenient time so don't frustrate yourself with that, but I do expect for thing to be done correctly. Another thing I should point out is that I don't have a mic for the time being so be willing to do with other means of communicating. Don't worry I'm not strict or bossy or without sense of humor, in fact I'm quite silly and playful so don't be afraid to friend me if your interested in just playing. For those who are interested in helping me I will gladly be willing to return the favor.


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I forgot to mention I have the DLC, so I don't know if those who don't have them can join my quest.

Can't help you right now, but thumbs up to it all. I played for full completion on everything too, and was successful.

Which DLC is required for co op ?

If you are referring to which one has the coding that allows for play while you don't have matching DLC, I think it's in the soldier outfit free DLC. Otherwise you need matching DLC, and many of us have everything, cause it's all cool.

I have been a way for a while from my Fable 3 game but have been threw it many times...........I may even still have an offline hero that has a lot of stuff from the game.....All my online games will be new and if my kids play it gives us 5 total heros......I usually like having a male and female...and like going evil and good also......I do by the way plan to get back into the game sometime today