a couple things...

first of all this game is BADA$$. and i was very pleasantly surprised to find out that i could partake in contracts even though im no longer a gold member. how awesome of IO to do this. have a couple questions though...why cant i swing a baseball bat? can you only throw them? the same with knives...also when you visit china town the second time to eliminate 3 targets, i found a giant chipmink, or beaver costume. you would think that this would trump everything and you could roam araound un bothered but no, im constantly in jepordy..what im a doing wrong? or are secret costumes only a novelty with no stealth bonuses?


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1. The baseball bat and other blunt weapons are used 2 ways. If you sneak up on someone, 47 uses it strangle the target quietly. If you approach them from the front and attack them, then 47 will swing the weapon.

2. With sharp implements you can throw them at an enemy's neck and kill them quietly. A red bullseye will apear when you aim at their neck. Also you can sneak up with the weapon drawn and stab the enemy.

3. The Chipmunk suit can be used to blend in on the factory grounds. It's hidden in a shed there. Most of those outfits are novelties for contacts mode though.

cool thanks for the info