A couple things I'm curious about...

Whenever I score kills I get a thing saying "Surpression". What is that exactly? And is there anyway to avoid getting that thingy above your head that shows where you are? I'd like to try my hand at actual sniping and I'm still rather new to this games MP.


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Breaking line of sight with the person that probably spotted you removes the icon and suppression basically means you shot the person, missed, and your teammate got the kill.

The thingy above the head that shows where you are? Yeah, once someone sees you and pushes the back button it shows up. Just don't be seen if you don't want the enemy team to shoot at you.


Sniping is rather useless fyi, unless you're semi-close to the objective and keeping guys off your squad's back. Make sure to pus the back button when you aim at people like I said. It's the main part of being a recon class.

Yeah I'm not the best at sniping on here but I wanted to put a little more effort. I roll better with an AR,thankfully I dont worry about my K/D on this game

Don't worry about any stats. Just try to go for the objective. As long as you try...

Play hardcore, there's no thing above your head!

Hardcore? Tell me is this anything like the Hardcore in CoD? If so where can I find it!?

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Hardcore? Tell me is this anything like the Hardcore in CoD? If you mean No HUD, Couple of shots will kill & Friendly Fire, then yes.

If so where can I find it!?

[/quote]You can find Hardcore Servers via the 'Server Browser', Click the 'Right Thumb Stick' and set the search option to 'Hardcore'.

the supression assist your talking about isnt a kill , basically as you were shooting at the guy although your were missing him your rounds were "suppressing" him , forcing him too keep his head down , if you are supressing him and a teamate kills him you get a bonus for helping out. The effects of supression ingame are a blurry screen and reduced accuracy (this is all going to change after the patch , being supressed will have a greater effect on your ability to counter attack)

Play Hardcore if you want the thingy above your head not show up. You can still spot assist in Hardcore but the red thing won't show up at all.