A couple quick questions.

A friend of mine is getting Gears3 soon so I wanted to be clear about a couple things. Someone said that you need DLC for certain modes, what modes would that be? Can he play on DLC horde maps or will they not come up in the rotation?


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Pretty sure he won't be able to play on DLC maps if he doesn't have the maps - not sure what they are as I haven't got them either.

Can play the horde command map pack and the free booster pack maps nothing else.

just tell him to spend the 30 bucks for the season pass and be done with it.....    best 30 bucks ive spent on any game so far.... everything is free to download after that.

Well he'll mainly be playing Horde and Beast so this is good news.


@Bigc0d35- Thanks but no thanks. Neither of us buy DLC in bulk when we don't want all of it anyways.

I couldn't play any DLC maps until I got the DLC. One free one and 2 paid for. Ramms Shadow is worth it though. Like a whole new Campaign. Glad Ramm isn't in Horde mode.