a couple questions...

i generally dont care for sand box games...i hate GTA i just lose interest in all of the side missions. although i did really enjoy red faction guerilla. But this game just looks to great to pass up, i have never played the saints row series before...would i need to play those before plaing the third? and also how different are these from gta...because im told it is not a gta clone.


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you don't need to play the first 2 to play part 3. you won't miss nothing story wise. its not a GTA clone. the only common factors between the 2 is that you can steal cars and drive them. i suggest downloading the demo for the first one to see how it plays. not sure if a demo for part 2 was ever released. story continuity is not a major factor in the games overall story line. so don't really worry about missing out on part 1 and 2.

Actually, the character you play as, is the same from the first two, with some supporting characters along for the ride. Saints Row 2 is a good game and definately worth tracking down. It's similar in some aspects to GTA, I suggest watching Yahtzee's review of Saints Row 2 on Zero Punctuation, as his review is pretty spot on.

I hate it how people compare the two games together when the only thing(s) that are in both games are the obvious.

i think potatoslave  is worried he maybe missing out on story elements because he did not play the first 2 games. so yes you are the same character from the first 2, its just that he won't be missing anything story wise from the first 2.

yes...my question regarding the first two games was about missing anything story wise. from what ive heard the first game was awful...the second was better and this one seems to have found itself. this game just looks to crazy to pass up.

Considering that the first game came out in 2006, and was originally meant to be a PS2 game entitled "Bling Bling", i'd say the first was a ok game... definately not on par with GTA or the like. It did lay the ground work for Saints Row 2, with the same activities etc, just enhanced and bugs ironed out. SR1 and SR2, story wise do have a link but are individual in their own right. Likewise with Saints Row The Third, a lot of the activities etc are the refined versions of SR2's, and the madcap hilarity etc came from the second (IMO that is).

However, to a new player to the series, I'd say give SR2 a try and skip SR1. Speaking for myself, I like both games (So far, as SRTT won't be released here for another 2 days), but I do prefer SR2 well above SR1.