a couple of small questions (no spoilers?)

First...In earlier Elder Scrolls if you had a compelling reason to kill an NPC and they were in a town, you could make them pick a fight with you. In Oblivion, casting was not a crime (one reason I liked Open spells) so it was possible to cast frenzy and then kill them in a fair fight. I'm not good a picking pockets or adept level locks, but I need that key. If I cast frenzy in Morthal am I going to get a bounty, arrested or have everyone hate me forever?

Second...I ran into my first slaughterfish but I couldn't kill them under water. They were near an island and I managed to lure them to the surface where I electrocuted them. I had to fight them to get to Treasure Chest #10 but nothing I tried while submerged seemed to have an effect. What didn't I think to try?


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I've noticed you can't use any weapons under water, which kinda sucked since they still had slaughter fish. I've just always used my fireball spell and that takes care of them. As for spells, usually anything that doesn't cause any physical harm to the NPC won't result in a "bad karma" type deal. I personally haven't tried using frenzy but I don't think it will be different from oblivion. Just save before doing it so you find out if it's good or bad.

Thanks, I tried sparks but it didn't seem to have any effect, or at least I couldn't see anything happening and their health bar didn't go down. I have been really happy up to now never seeing a slaughterfish. I hate those things. I used to waterwalk everywhere in Oblivion so I didn't have to risk being hit from behind by one.

They don't seemed as aggressive in this one as they did in oblivion, so it's easy to ignore them.

LOL, practically the first thing I did once I got outside in Morrowind was walk into the water to examine a clam and got killed by a slaughterfish. I was scarred for life.

LMAO, yeah, I could see that being a little tormenting. Do you have nightmares about it? Maybe mephala has you under her spell lol.