a couple of questions....

so last nite i noticied u can stab a guy and get his dogtags but u can also quick knife an enemy... do u still get the dogtags? and where can i view the dogtags ive acquired? i only see a running counter. also, do u still get points for healing vehicles? and how can u tell when its health is full while healing? also are **** and engineer guns interchangeable between those 2 classes like in beta? thanks, i havent had enough time w game yet!

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You can see the dog tags on the main screen under my solider all awards, weapon loadouts and tags are there. I know you get points for leaving ammo, medic etc.. I think you get points for repairs too. I don't think any of the weapons are interchangeable between class. What I see each class all have the same weapons except for special classes like sniper, engineers etc...I could be wrong on this.