A couple of questions about getting started...

Hey folks! My buddy and I are getting ready to begin our journey through Tamriel, and I have a couple of questions for anyone willing to take the time to answer:

1.  Any recommendations on starting factions?  I hear that Ebonheart is the most varied and interesting in terms of exploration and questing... is there any truth to that?

2. At what level does combat begin to get challenging?  I've played through the first 8 levels or so on the PC version, and can't say that I was ever really in fear for my life.

3. Is controller rumble/vibration implemented?  Especially for combat?  I'm hoping so, as I think it would add a lot of weight to the melee

That's all I can think of at the moment.  Feel free to add anything I have thought to ask.  Thanks in advance!


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pvp is where its at, you'll have to lvl in pve to be competitive as an indidual, but stay with a large group at a large fight and that gets pretty even all around, cyrodiil is amap like all others, quests and loot, but dont try it alone cause eventually you gonna get jumped even well within your lines and way out in the boonies

I have tried three of the areas and they all are fun! I find the Templar class to be the coolest one I have tried so far!

I'm from Aldemeri Dominion and I enjoyed all the areas of this faction. Enemies can get tough at times but usually are doable especially if you have a partner. If you join AD message me and I can help you get started

1. I'm in the EP and have been enjoying the questing and exploration. Haven't played in any of the other areas yet, so I can't speak for them, but Ebonheart has been great IMO.

2. I don't really think the combat gets "challenging" at a particular level, per se. It isn't overbearing and/or difficult and the combat mechanics feel good and solid. Different people have different skills, but I've found that fighting multiple enemies that are more than 3 levels above me is where it gets really tough. As long as you don't take on several enemies that are multiple levels above you, then the combat shouldn't get too challenging... providing, of course, that you build a character that suits your particular fighting strengths / weaknesses.

3. Controller vibration can be toggled on or off. I hate vibration, so I leave it off.

Welcome to Tamriel.