A couple of questions about DR2

First of all, in the original Dead Rising, there was a special gun you got as a reward for getting any ending after getting the Zombie Genocide achievement, it was called the Super Mega Blaster or something like that.  It was Mega Man's gun.  Is there anything similar in DR2?  That weapon was a godsend in some situations.

Also, is there anything similar to the infinity mode from the original?


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no, and no

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no, and no


the infinity mode is gone, and the Real megabuster is  aa toy, and the laser sword is a makeable item (gems+flashlight)nowheres near it's former glory other than that it changes to different lightsaber's colors.

The real megabuster is not a toy in DR1. Best weapon in all of DR. "Three hundred shots!!!! Yeah that will do".

Damn, no Infinity mode....SON OF A......... that was what I was hoping for. So after you beat it there is no "Stroll at your leisure" mode?

Start a new game, dont save katey, then you have free time until 10am on day 3.

Really....you let your kid die and the rest of the missions are gone?