A console by Apple? [Locked]

I know its probably very unlikely but was thinking about it earlier. Microsoft has Xbox, seems like Apple and Microsoft are always trying to 1 up each other haha. Do you think that the possibilty of a gaming console by Apple is relevant?


I think it would be interesting to see how it would turn out if they ever decided on this. Though I would be frightened by the price >.<


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i never had an apple computer, but i do love my iphones also ipads are so much better than playbooks btw. even if they did have a console i would not buy it.

I used to have a Mac lapton but now only got an iPod Touch.

I have a feeling that Apple is only into Computers, gadgets and phones, the game apps have nothing to do with it...

i know "iLike" gaming console lol

They already do in the form of iPhone, ipod Touch and iPad.

It would be too hard to enter and introduce a home console.

I can actually see that. To be honest in my opinion Apple really overprices their products. I think they should focus on iTunes sales like gaming companies focus on game sales and not console sales. (I read somewhere once that Nintendo makes only eight dollars every time a Wii sells. Games are what keeps them moving.) And Apple calling their gaming console the "iPlay" would just be horrible. (I can completely imagine them calling it that though)

Remember always log in to your windows live ID regularly and never wait 90 days between signing in.

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Netbooks were just a dumb idea to start and all they did was sky rocket the price of what was once less expensive brands of RAM.

Anyone remember netbooks anymore? I think someone shows a new computer thingy soon and tablets will be forgotten in the same way. Or maybe Google Chrome OS will walk all over iOS and Windows 8.

next it be an iconsole lol igaming lol

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Can't wait for Windows 8.

Hopefully it can knock the stupid iPad off it's overpriced pedestal.


what does an OS have to do with a Tablet??


They're going to consolidate it into one whole thing.

Windows 8 will be a computer OS, but it will also carry tablet features.

All tablets under Windows 8, will have Windows 8, not some weird thing like Windows phone 7.

It will actually be a computer OS on a tablet.


If you check out their demos, it's pretty cool stuff.

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