A cheeky couple of kills!

So i've spawned defending in the park area, and i run towards A site when all of a sudden and without any warning or explanation whatsoever i sink beneath the map.... only i'm still alive, stuck there not able to move around, jump back out etc.


So of course i took this rather limited tactical advantage and killed one enemy planting at A then, once the bomb went off and they were moving on to the tunnels, i took another one out. Love to have seen their killcams!


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when i sink below the map, ill suicide.. cus i hate it.

I typically try to jump my way out. Someone messaged me today with the following "reported glitch exploit". The irony was he mentions weed in his bio. Anyway, He probably got killed by me then I got stuck in the map so thats how it looked on his killcam. I've yet to kill anyone when under the map, (only killed others under the map by using grenades). Either way, what a tool. Reporting someone for getting stuck in a glitch in a glitchy Beta.

They wont take this report serious trust me... I fact, i really think DICE/EA wil LOL big time cus if that *really nice person*

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when i sink below the map, ill suicide.. cus i hate it.



Thats kinda what happened, i thought i'd go for a third kill as loads were running past me above, so i lobbed a frag and i guess it couldnt get out..... ended up kililng myself lol.