A Big problem ...

I have saved a minecraft the day that launched the game today, there was an error and now whenever I'm born in RESPAWN with the map even after you save, my buildings are still there however the respawn thing is too far from 2 minutes to get there .... and I'll say this error still going to screw me I spent two months playing this game and I just do not wanna miss a saved with all this time, if anyone knows let me know to solve.

sorry my bad english


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Did You Sleep in a bed?? You Respawn there if You have a little accident with partying with creepers

Did you ever sleep in a bed?  If not, that will fix your respawn location.  If you did, and it truly is an error, then I would build a train track from the spawn point to your buildings.  That way, you can cut the travel time substantially.  If that is still too long, build a Nether portal at your spawn point and another Nether portal at your buildings.  Then go into the Nether and build a train track (in the Nether) between the two.  The train trip in the Nether will take a third the time it takes in the overworld.  Considering how small this map is, there is no reason it should take more than 20-30 seconds to get from a spawn point to your buildings if you plan accordingly.

I am born without the items ever, and my guests as well, hopefully the next update back to normal .... I do not know what to do in May have already cleared the game cache, deleted the game and downloaded it again ... and nothing

Sleeping in bed does not help ... I'm born in respawn when I load the saved again in respawn, and a map in my backpack as I was the second player

This glitch seems to happen for me only if I have a world fully discovered. You aren't alone on this, and my reccomendation is to start a new world or put all your things in a chest before you exit the server so they don't get glitched out of your inventory.

i have the same problem. if you have an inventory full make a chest close to the spawn. then get everything when you spawn.